Monday, December 21, 2015

McDonald's Happy Meal Magic (Mattel)

McDonald's Happy Meal Magic

There's something very fun about McDonald's based toys. They have everything contained under one roof - Nostalgic fun, pop culture iconic references, food references, and of course it's a toy.

Mattel's 1993 McDonald based items remain some of the most popular branded items based on the golden arches. Why? Because the sets were, and are some of the most fun food creating sets around.

Utilizing common household kitchen items such as Rice Krispies, Nilla Wafers, Sandwich Bread, and a variety of other items, you could make deliciously sweet mock McDonald's menu items such as hamburgers, chicken nuggets, fries and more! Sugar overload was definitely the name of the game here, and kids loved them. The sets were hot, hot, hot during the holiday season of 1993.

 Hamburger Snack Maker*McNugget Snack Maker

Each set also included the classic packaging for each particular food item, such as chicken nugget boxes, or burger wrappers. So not only could you make delicious treats, you could wrap them up, and actually play with your friends in a world where you own your own McDonald's restaurant.

 French Fry Snack Maker*Fountain Drink

A variety of drink and food options were available, that when combined made you the ultimate Burger King of your own McDonalds creations.

 Shake Maker*Frozen Fruit Snack Maker

These sets aren't for the faint of heart though - Especially not out of the box. They take up an incredible amount of space. This is the kind of set that unless you're actually going to use them to make treats on a fairly regular basis, they're better left in the box for display - Personal opinion of course.

 Pie Maker*Cookie Maker

Mattel hit pretty much every aspect of a McDonald's franchise in sheer volume and variety of all the sets you could obtain. However, for those looking for a more value pack alternative, there was the Happy Meal Maker which included the Hamburger, French Fries and Drink maker in one package.

Another great addition to the sets was the invaluable Refill Pak. You can only use those boxes and wrappers so many times before you have to yield and replace them.

Happy Meal Snack Maker*Refill Pak

These really are some fun sets to have, but again aren't all that great in terms of space that they take up. This is definitely something you want to consider if you're going to try and obtain them. Well, that and the price. Each set will cost you roughly $100.00 each new in the box, which the exception of the Happy Meal Maker which goes for about $250.00. The Refil Paks are the cheaper to obtain at around $15.00.

Join us next time when we take a look at The Archies!

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  1. Does Anyone know to get a McNugget or McBurger one of thses? All the ones i can find are super expensive!

    1. You will most likely not find one of these "cheap". The sets are highly sought after by collectors, and good condition ones which have been kept clean and usable will set you back considerably.



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