Monday, December 28, 2015

Guardian Goddesses (Mattel)

Guardian Goddesses

"In another galaxy far away, there are beautiful goddesses who have unusual powers to guard people from danger in the universe. Two of these Guardian Goddesses, Sun Spell and Moon Mystic help people on Earth.

Moon Mystic spots an erupting volcano and becomes Ice Empress. She freezes the volcanic furnace, and saves the town.

Then Sun Spell as Blazing Fire dries up a raging flood.

Tornado! Soaring Eagle (Moon Mystic in disguise) flaps her wings and blows it away!

Stampeding elephants! Time for Sun Spell to change to the Lion Queen and stop them with a loud r-r-r-roar!"

This is the blurb on the back of the package that Mattel hoped would garner the attention of young girls just long enough for them to ask, "Mommy, can I have this?" It wasn't the best advertisement, but we do get a smirk out of its blatant attempt to cash in on the raving popularity of Star Wars with its first line.

The disguises talked about in the blurb are the outfits below which were each sold separately. Each doll had two additional wardrobe options, and as you read from the caption, there was definitely a somewhat thought out premise behind each one. We admit, it was definitely a well planned out line.

 Blazing Fire* Ice Empress

Lion Queen*Soaring Eagle

Probably the biggest draw to the Guardian Goddesses line these days is for Masters of the Universe collectors. Some collectors in particular draw a strong parallel between the design of this line with that of The Sorceress from the MotU line. We definitely see it in the massive wingspan and overall look to the dolls.

Speaking of that wingspan, that's an interesting feature unto itself. The way you activate the impressive wings of flight is to grab the dolls by each leg, and spread them apart. This in turn causes the dolls dress to fling off. Um....Yeah....

Those looking to track down each twelve inch doll should definitely approach with caution. They're not cheap. Each one can sell for between $75.00 and $100.00 with sellers sometimes even asking for twice that. The disguises sell for as much as $50.00 each. Mind you, these prices are for mint in the box conditions.

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