Star Wars Episode I (AKA The Phantom Menace) 12 Inch Dolls (Hasbo)

Star Wars Episode I (AKA The Phantom Menace) 12 Inch Dolls
1999 - 2000

Two posts for this Thursday!

We've had numerous requests to post up an article about Hasbro's 1999 line of 12 inch dolls / over-sized action figures based on Star Wars Episode I, The Phantom Menace. Here for your enjoyment is that very article.

 We touched on Episode I merchandise on our original post pertaining to the highly popular 3 3/4 inch line "HERE". However, we really didn't touch much on the movie itself - Not that we really needed to. There's not much to say beyond these few facts - The film hit theaters in 1999, was the most highly anticipated film of the decade, and left fans split down the middle as to whether or not it was a worthy entry into the Saga.

Personally, we like the Prequels. and we'll leave it at that.

By the time Episode I merchandise hit toy isles, the world was in full swing of gobbling up Star Wars merchandise. Hasbro had found major success with a line of 12 Inch Collector's Series Dolls / Over-Sized Action Figures, and was looking to capitalize on that with the all new items based on The Phantom Menace.

The first wave of dolls came packed in what became the standard form of packaging for these particular items towards the mid era of the 12 Inch Collector's Series - I.E. a black window box. Much like its predecessor, there were both 12 inch and 6 inch characters to collect.

Battle Droid*Darth Maul*Jar Jar Binks

Obi-Wan Kenobi*Qui-Gon Jinn*Watto

Anakin Skywalker*Pit Droids*R2-A6

When the second wave of items started hitting store shelves, Hasbro updated the packaging to the more visible full window box. They also incorporated a background behind each character as a way to make the packaging "pop" on store shelves.

Anakin Skywalker*Battle Droid Commander*Boss Nass

Mace Windu*Qui-Gon Jinn*Sebulba

Chancellor Valorum and Coruscant Guard

Darth Maul and Sith Speeder

The series included a fair amount of electronic versions of numerous characters. All of them incorporated a talking feature which included phrases from the film.

Electronic Talking C-3PO*Electronic Talking Darth Maul*Electronic Talking Jar Jar Binks

Qui-Gon Jinn*TC-16

We initially included this particular item in our 12 Inch Collector's Series post, but the fact is that the Aura Sing Masterpiece Edition was actually released around the Episode I period of Hasbro's toy production. As such, we've included it here as well.

Aura Sing - Masterpiece Edition


Star Wars Episode I (AKA The Phantom Menace) Queen Amidala Collection
1999 - 2000

Though not technically part of the above collection, we didn't want to leave out the Queen Amidala Collection out of the mix. It was a set of four dolls which featured the Queen in her various garbs as seen in the film. It was also the only way that one could get her in 12 inch form to incorporate into the above line.

 Beautiful Braids Padme*Hidden Majesty Queen Amidala
Ultimate Hair Queen Amidala*Royal Elegance Queen Amidala


Star Wars Episode I (AKA The Phantom Menace) Portrait Edition
1999 - 2000

Last, but not least, we also wanted to incorporate the Portrait Edition Queen Amidala dolls. These dolls were marketed towards the Adult Collect of Star Wars specifically, and came with a price to match. These particular dolls are more so in line with Barbie as opposed to the above 12 inch ones.

Each doll was packaged in a beautiful box akin to that of the Princess Leia Collection released in prior years. It featured a small circular window to showcase part of the doll, and a fold open lid which hid the full window view. They were definitely eye catching.

 Black Travel Gown*Red Senate Gown*Return to Naboo

The last item released in the Portrait series was the two pack Qui-Gon Jinn and Queen Amidala - Defense of Naboo. The style of the package was more so geared towards the Queen Amidala Collection, and is easily mistaken as part of it. The only tell that it is not is that in the nameplate of the package it actually says, "Portrait Edition".

Qui-Gon Jinn and Queen Amidala - Defense of Naboo

We hope you've enjoyed this look at the 12 inch items from The Phantom Menace. We know that this particular post has been one of numerous requests from our readers. As always, we want to thank our readers for being a part of The Toy Box. We will always try to accommodate all requests for particular posts, so don't hesitate to send them in.

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  1. Great post! As terrible as Episode 1 is, these figures do remind me how excited I was when the film was released. If I had the money, I probably would've bought these. Good thing I was a kid and didn't!

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, there are several toy lines out there that hindsight tells us we're glad we didn't jump on them too.

  2. I remember stumbling on the 12 inch Queen Amidala figures at a local Rose's about 4 years ago. They really stuck around for a bit..

    1. Yeah, some merchandise didn't do so well when people actually saw Episode I.