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The Walking Dead Series 1 and 2 (Television Series) (McFarlane Toys)

The Walking Dead (AKA The Walking Dead Television Figures) Series 1 and 2
McFarlane Toys
2011 - 2012

The Walking Dead has come a long way from its comic book roots - A comic that many people didn't even know existed until October of 2010 when season one of the TV show premiered. Because there's not much we can say on the subject of the series that fans don't already know at this point, we'll avoid going into any details on the show.

Suffice to say that in 2011, McFarlane Toys teamed with Skybound to develop action figures based on the characters as portrayed in AMC's series. It was a gamble that paid off well when stores across the nation sold out of figures.

Daryl Dixon quickly became the forerunner of rare, and prices soared on secondary markets. At the time of this writing it would cost you anywhere from sixty to one hundred dollars to get one.


McFarlane Toys has since rectified the rarity of the original Daryl figure from series one by re-releasing him in a two pack with his brother Meryl. Kudos to McFarlane for providing the supply for the demand as opposed to leaving fans high and dry.

Deputy Rick Grimes*Zombie Biter
Daryl Dixon*Zombie Walker

Toys R' Us received an exclusive black and white version of Rick Grimes which was incredibly limited, and became the second most difficult and expensive figure to find.
Bloody Black and White Deputy Rick Grimes

Walmart also received a variant package for their line of Walking Dead figures. The packages were slightly smaller than the other retail versions, and included several more warning labels at the top. The figures inside are identical to the other release.
Deputy Rick Grimes*Zombie Biter
Daryl Dixon*Zombie Walker

With popularity for all things The Walking Dead growing more and more each day, it was inevitable that a second series of figures would soon hit shelves - Five new figures to be exact.
Deputy Rick Grimes*Shane Walsh
Bicycle Girl Zombie*RV Zombie*Well Zombie

Walmart once again had their own package variation from that of other retail chains...
Bicycle Girl Zombie*Well Zombie
RV Zombie*Deputy Rick Grimes*Shane Walsh

...As did GameStop, which received an even smaller packaged version.

Shane Walsh*Deputy Rick Grimes*Bicycle Girl Zombie*RV Zombie*Well Zombie

Though not exclusive to any one particular store, a three pack of bloody black and white zombies was released to coincide with series two. These were simply the three zombies already released, but re-colored.

Bloody Black and White Zombie 3 Pack

With how popular The Walking Dead has appeared to become overnight, there's no doubt that we'll be seeing TWD merchandise for years to come.

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