Monday, January 7, 2013

Earthworm Jim (Playmates Toys)

Earthworm Jim
Playmates Toys

When you think of Playmates Toys, you don't often think about video games, but such is the case when it comes to Earthworm Jim. In fact, the character was developed in part by Playmates Interactive Entertainment, a division of Playmates Toys, who worked with Shiny Entertainment to produce the first video game incarnation of the character for the self titled Sega game released in 1994.

The game found critical success, and was praised for its fluid cartoon like animation. The success of the first installment led to the 1995 sequel, Earthworm Jim 2. The character quickly became an iconic staple in the world of video games during the 90's, spawning two additional titles before the new millennium.

To coincide with the first game's release, Playmates Toys released a series of action figures to help promote the game. Unfortunately, the toys weren't as successful as the video game iteration, and didn't garner sales to keep the line running long.

Eight carded figures, one exclusive figure and a single vehicle were all that were produced, and by 1995 stores were shuffling what product remained to clearance isles in hopes of offloading it.

 Bob and #4*Earthworm Jim
Battle Damage EWJ*Earthworm Jim in Special Deep Sea Mission Suit
Henchrat and Evil the Cat*Peter Puppy
Princess What's Her Name*Psycrow
MCA/Universal Exclusive Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim's Pocket Rocket

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  1. where can i sell my new collection of earthworm jim figures


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