Thursday, January 17, 2013

South Park (Mezco)

South Park

When South Park first hit airwaves back in 1997 critics panned it as crude, while young adults, and teenagers thought it was one of the funniest animated shows shown on television. With its edgy comedy, vulgar language and often times shock value, South Park swooped in out of nowhere, bringing in viewers weekly who were eager to see just what Trey Parker and Matt Stone would come up with next.

Though merchandising has been fairly common since the series inception, none was more popular than the 2006 to 2008 series of action figures produced by Mezco. Throughout its two year production run, figure after figure was produced, helping to flesh out everyone's favorite little mountain town inhabitants in plastic form. 

Cartman*Kenny*Hip-Hop Cartman
Cartman (Variant Chase)*Hip-Hop Cartman (Variant Chase)
Chef*Big Gay Al*Officer Barbrady
Chef (Variant Chase)*Officer Barbrady (Variant Chase)

Stan*Tooth Fairy Cartman
Stan (Variant Chase)*Tooth Fairy Cartman (Variant Chase)
Kyle*Kyle (Variant Chase 1)*Kyle (Variant Chase 2)
Token*Token (Variant Chase)
Mr. Garreson*Mr. Hanky
Mr. Garreson (Variant Chase)*Mr. Hanky (Variant Chase)
Police Officer Cartman*Butters
Police Officer Cartman (Variant Chase)*Butters (Variant Chase)
Frozen Kenny*Jesus*Timmy
Mr. Mackey*Mr. Mackey (Variant Chase)
Goth Stan*Goth Stan (Variant Chase)
Terrance and Philip
Jimmy*Jimmy (Variant Chase)
Hippy Exterminator Cartman*Damien
Hippy Exterminator Cartman (Variant Chase)*Damien (Variant Chase)
Mephesto (Variant Chase)*Tweek (Variant Chase)
Ming Lee Cartman*Starvin' Marvin*Nurse Gollum
Mr. Slave*Mr. Slave (Chase Variant)
Deluxe Talking Towelie*11" Deluxe Cartman with Clyde Frog Plush
Boy Band Boxed Set*South Park Collector's Set
Professor Chaos (San Diego Comic Con Exclusive)*Beefcake Cartman (Toyfare Exclusive)
Join us next time when we take a look at Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure!

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