Monday, January 21, 2013

Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure (Kenner)

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure


Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was a movie that came out of nowhere in the 80's, and became a cult classic with a not so excellent sequel. The film starred Alex Winter as Bill S. Preston, Esquire, and Keanu Reeves as as Ted Theodore Logan - AKA, Wyld Stallyns!

The figures from Kenner in 1991 aren't based on the actual film, but rather the 1990 spin-off animated series which ran for twenty-one episodes. The first season of the show is notable for the actors from the film returning to the roles for the voice overs - Something highly uncommon in the cartoon world, but definitely appreciated by fans. When the show went into production for a second season, the actors voicing the characters were changed to those of the actors who would also be portraying them in an upcoming live action spin-off the same name.

The series is relatively small for such a notable company such as Kenner, and the lack of playsets or vehicles (with the exception of the phone booth) definitely doesn't help. However, it's not a bad bunch of toys, and fans of the movie will definitely appreciate being able to own these characters - Especially considering that no toy company has revisited the concept to date.

 Bill S. Preston Esquire*Ted Theodor Logan*Rufus
Abe Lincoln*Genghis Khan*Billy the Kid*Grim Reaper
Wyld Stallyns Jam Session Two-Pack

Phone Booth*Speaker & Tape

As many fans of the of the films know, a third film has been in talks/development for numerous years now. Obviously it's hard to say if the film will ever make it into production, let alone be released.

Join us next time when we take a look at The Simpsons: The Movie!

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  1. Hi I have a complete collection of the Bill and Ted's Excellent Action figures plus a phone booth, all still in the box

    1. If you ever hear of the Play set the car or truck or even the unreleased Napoleon Action Figure being for sale try and let me know if you could, Please ! Thank You

    2. I know of a pair of dealers that are currently selling the prototype for the Boom Truck if you are interested.

    3. Hi yes I am very interested please forward a picture and then we can discuss price. Thank You, Richard

    4. We're glad that this worked out for you to get in touch with someone who could help, but just a disclaimer that we aren't involved in this deal in any way. Please let me know if you want your comment with the e-mail address removed at any point.


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