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Ghost Rider (Toy Biz)

Ghost Rider
Toy Biz

Ghost Rider has gone through several character transitions since his first appearance in Marvel Spotlight #5 where he was portrayed as a Western gunslinger - Later changed to the name Phantom Rider. The most familiar iteration of the character is that of stunt driver Johnny Blaze - Thanks in part to the portrayal of the character by Nicholas Cage in 2007 Marvel film. However, with that said, the most common physical rendition of the character in comic books is that based on the Danny Ketch persona.

Toy Biz's 1995 to 1996 line seems to be a conglomeration of the Blaze (1972 - 1983) and Ketch (1990 - 1998) eras of Ghost Rider combined into one. It has the look and style of the Ketch comic books, yet utilizes Johnny Blaze, AKA Blaze as The Rider.

The series offered a lot of fantastic pieces for Ghost Rider fans, and also broadened the already massive collection of Marvel based toy from Toy Biz during this particular time. Since they were done in the same style and size, they also transition nicely into other series for further play.

 Blackout*Blaze*Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider II*Skinner*Vengeance
Blaze (Armored)*Ghost Rider (Exploding)*Ghost Rider (Original)
Blaze's Dark Cycle*Ghost Rider's Ghost Fire Cycle*Vengeance's Steel Skeleton Cycle

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider continues to change periodically both in style and persona. The character enjoyed a brief revival in popularity in 2011 when the Spirit of Vengeance consumed the body of Alejandra. Her character was soon replaced once again with Johnny Blaze.


Since 2014, The Rider inhabits the body of Robbie Reyes, a young Latino who drives a classic muscle car as opposed to the traditional motorcycle.

Join us next time when we take a look at The Walking Dead!

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  1. I came across a listing on ebay a few years back for a toy fair catalogue which featured the playsets to this series (Cypress hills quick change playset and another one I've forgotten the name of?) And unfortunately was unable to purchase at the time. I think they were unproduced but wondered if possible you might know a little more about these items?

    1. Unfortunately we don't. We've found the catalog you're referring to, but don't have any information on what happened to the actual playset in terms of production cancellation.

  2. What catalog was this in?


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