Tuesday, August 13, 2019

World Of Springfield - Round Two

I decided I would open up a few more figures from my World of Springfield purchase. For those of you who missed it, here's the link to Round One. That post encompassed the definite wants, while this post focuses on the secondary ones which initially were on a "maybe" pile. 

Up first is Smithers, counterpart to Mr. Burns.

The figure comes with a framed photograph of his boss, clipboard and removable glasses. 

Chief Wigum may very well be the worst cop in history.

It's a bit disappointing that only one of his hands was sculpted to actually be able to hold anything. Wiggum comes with a Styrofoam cup of coffee, police baton and a donut.

Ralph or his dad...Which one is less intelligent?

I really wished this guy came with mini carded Star Wars figures, as seen in the episode, Lisa's Rival. Instead, he comes with a Radioactive Man comic, stack of books, a rocket and a set of keys.

While Captain McCallister isn't one of my favorite characters from the show, I have to admit, it was the accessories which drew me to this figure. Specifically the pipe.

He comes with, obviously, a pipe, as well as, a harpoon and a canister of The Frying Dutchman Brand Tuna.

I told myself if I opened Lenny I would have to hunt down a Carl. There wasn't one in the box.

This actually turned out to be a rather disappointing figure. For starters, only one hand can hold one of his three accessories. However, this doesn't seem to matter, because when he is holding something, he falls over.

This just in, Kent Brockman joins my World of Springfield collection.

Kent comes with a microphone, a donut and clipboard.

Last up for today's carded figures comes from series one of the All-Star Voices sub series, Herbert Powell. Out of all of the guest voices, this particular character was always my favorite. Not because I particularly like Herbert himself, but rather Danny DeVito.

The figure comes with a briefcase, cell phone, clipboard and plans for the infant translator. I realized as I was posting this that the plans are actually upside down. Oops.

As I dug through the box of loose items, I came across a few more figures which were 100% complete. This was awesome because two in particular I really wanted. However, they were not among the carded ones. I'll post those up with the next wave of figures.

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