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Thor - The Mighty Avenger (Hasbro)

Thor - The Mighty Avenger

With the Marvel engine gearing up for an Avenger's romping back in 2012, Disney was working furiously to release a film on each major character that would lead into the team's formation. Thus, Thor was released in 2011 as one such film.

We'll spare you the details of our personal opinion of it - Suffice to say we didn't enjoy it at all.

With its Marvel Universe line taking toy isles by storm, Hasbro upped the ante by adding a small wave of figures based on Thor which were more movie accurate in sculpt and design.

What seemed to hurt the line in the long run was the rehash of figures with different paint schemes. Out of the twenty figures which encompassed four waves, seven alone were variants of Thor. In addition to that, three figures were dedicated to Loki, and two to Odin. This left very little room in the line for other characters to be developed.

Battle Hammer Thor*Invasion Frost Giant

Lightning Clash Thor*Shield Bash Marvel's Odin

 Secret Strike Loki*Sword Spike Thor

Blade Battle Marvel's Hogun*Fire Blast Marvel's Destroyer

Harpoon Blade Fandral*King Loki

Ram Smash Volstagg*Thunder Crusader Thor

Asgardian Glow Marvel's Odin*Hammer Smash Thor

Ice Axe King Laufey

Axe Attack Thor*Cosmic Armor Thor

Inferno Marvel's Destroyer*Scorcerer Fury Loki

Staff Strike Sif

In addition to the basic figures, Hasbro produced two waves of deluxe ones. This of course included two more Thor figures.
Asgard Defender Heimdall (Wave 2)*Blaster Armor Thor (Wave 1)
Ice Attack Marvel's Frost Giant (Wave 1)*Lightning Fury Thor (Wave 2)

A planned third wave for the deluxe figures which would have included Disc Launcher Thor and Ice Claw Marvel's Frost Giant never came to light. Though no known images seem to exist for the Thor figure, one has surfaced for the Ice Claw Marvel's Frost Giant - Meaning there's a prototype out there somewhere.

Join us next time when we take a look at Fathom!

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