Monday, October 5, 2015

Prophet (Awesome Toys / Extreme Toys)

Awesome Toys / Extreme Toys

Prophet was a comic character created by industry pariah Rob Liefeld in 1992 for his first Image Comics project, Youngblood. Sadly, the character has seen more success out of the hands of his creator under the helm of Brandon Graham and Simon Roy. The character also had a fairly strong following when artist Stephen Platt took over drawing duties in 1994, though the draw (no pun intended) was mainly Platt's artwork as opposed to the story in each book.

In 1997, Awesome Toys / Extreme Toys was looking to cash in on a piece of the pie that McFarlane was eagerly chomping on. They produced a very confined series based on Prophet, and released the majority to exclusive sellers. Sales were lackluster at best, and by 1999 not only was the Prophet series long gone, but so too was Awesome Toys / Extreme Toys.

 Prophet*Prophet (Ivory Splash Page Comics Exclusive)

Prophet (Blue Armor Troll and Toad Exclusive)*Prophet (Black Armor Troll and Toad Exclusive)

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