Friday, October 2, 2015

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 13 (Playmates Toys)

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 13
Playmates Toys

Get your wallets out! Playmates Toys has hit toy isles hard this month with a massive release of new figures. This new wave includes all the new Dimension X stuff as well as a handful of other figures.

For die hard fans of all things TMNT, Fugitoid is no stranger to them. The long standing sidekick of the Turtles finally joins them by their side in plastic in Nickelodeon's line.


When we initially heard about the line of Dimension X Turtles coming out, we thought that each one would have a unique name, or at the very least the word, "Space" in front of them. This is not the case. Each figure has only their respective Turtle name.





When Mozar and Lord Dregg were first announced, they were stated to be Walmart exclusives. This may not end up being the case as Target has them on their website - Granted you can't order them yet as of this post. So they may end up taking them down if they are indeed exclusive.


 Lord Dregg

Mozar and Lord Dregg are indeed Walmart exclusives. Unfortunately they also don't come with any weapons. Lame.

Playmates Toys also released a couple figures under the standard TMNT banner. What's interesting is that we continue to get the latter new figures being announced, yet there is still no word of Dark and Dire Dream Beaver, nor Savage Mikey which were announced last year.

Personally, we think Playmates Toys missed a grand opportunity to make a four pack of all the beavers together. However, considering that all four have yet to be released, there's still time.

 Mutant Shredders

Mondo Gecko


We spoke too soon. Savage Mikey has also started hitting shelves. We've also seen the new vehicle, Casey's Slamboni which is drawing in many fans for it's non painted face version of Casey Jones.

Savage Mikey

*** UPDATE***

Fans have been asking about when they can get their hands on the Dream Beavers since the episode featuring them first premiered. These questions have only grown since Playmates Toys showed that both Dark and Dire Beaver were coming. After a long wait, folks can now hunt down at least one of the two as Dark Beaver has finally hit retail shelves.

Dark Beaver

*** UPDATE***

For those of you looking to grab up all four Space Turtles and Fugitoid, Target gives you the chance with the $44.99 Metal Mutants box set. Not only is this a cheaper and easier alternative to tracking down all five figures, but each one also comes with a chrome finish. Neat! The set is available for purchase on their website now, and can also be found in stores (at some point).

 Metal Mutants

Casey's Slamboni

Rapack hunters should keep their eyes peeled for Snakeweed. The figure is the last of the non Turtle ones to be repackaged. Now we just need Mikey the Elf, all four Stealth Turtles and all four Mutagen Ooze variations, and that will wrap up all of the repackaging of older figures.

For those looking to get their hands on more skateboards for their TMNT line, we recommend anything from Tech Deck. They match the size of these figures perfectly, and you can find some really great designs. We found a great Star Wars ten pack at our local Toys R Us. Of course when we picked it up it was on sale for half the price they're currently asking for it.

We're also fans of the Miworld Pizza Shop and accessory packs with more mini pizzas in them. These also incorporate perfectly into the line...We just don't recommend paying the price that people on Amazon are asking for. You can find the accessory packs in stores such as Toys R' Us and Target for as little as $2.99 each.

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  1. i was on ebay today and saw a raph vs shredder, rocksteady vs mickey and leo vs bebop in the standard TMNT package... what are these about??

    1. We've been seeing these for a while from this particular seller (and other sellers in Australia), and heard rumblings of them during Playmates Toys SDCC panel.

      We've also seen single packs of Bebop and Rocksteady with very bright colors from various Australian sellers.

      Long story short, we don't know if these are legit or exclusive to Australia or what the deal is. Buyer beware.



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