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Thundercats Classics Minimates (Diamond Select)

Thundercats Classics Minimates
Diamond Select
2012 - 2013

Minimates are something we jumped on the bandwagon way to late for. By the time we realized they were something we were interested in, a vast amount of them had already come and gone, and were showing massive increases in value on secondary markets - In short, we didn't buy many, which is why you don't see to many posts around here on the subject. In fact, this is only the second post we've done on Minimates to date.

There's not much we can say about the Thundercats cartoon that we haven't already touched on in our original LJN series review. So, we'll just jump right into the toys.

Minimates are a block style action figure (or vehicle) which was originally produced by Art Asylum. Though Art Asylum handled the concept well, it wasn't until Diamond Select took over that development/production really ramped up to the point you have so many vast series today - One of which is Thundercats.

The Thundercats Classics Minimates line started in 2012 with the San Diego Comic Con exclusive set which featured Lion-O, Panthro, Spirit of Jaga, Mumm-Ra and Snarf. Disappointingly to fans, this would end up being the only way to obtain these particular figures as they were never released in retail stores.

 Set 1 - San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exclusive

Sets two through three were released as a retail sets, though most retailers, with the exception of Toys R' Us, didn't carry them. Instead, these could be found at specialty shops - Such as local comic book and hobby stores (that ordered them).

 Set 2

 Set 3

Set four was yet another San Diego Comic Con exclusive. It was if Diamond was telling people, "If you want Lion-O or Mumm-Ra, you better come to SDCC."

 Set 4 - San Diego Comic Con 2013

Thundercats Hooo! was the last set of Minimates released in the series. Much like sets two and three, it was released mainly at Toys R' Us and specialty shops.

Thundercats Hooo! Set

On average, the retail sets will set you back about twenty to thirty dollars. However, to nab the SDCC sets, you're going to pay around $70.00 for the 2013 set, and anywhere from $130.00 to $150.00 for the 2012 set - Ouch.

Join us next time when we take a look at Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids!

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  1. I wish retailers would realize that there's no better way to anger your customers, than releasing core figures in extremely limited quantities at a convention that sells out within the first hour.

    I actually remember seeing the retail sets on clearance at Toys R Us. I wonder if it had something to do with people not being able to get Lion-O and Mumm-Ra?

    1. No joke. This is my biggest gripe with Funko and their Pop figures. Exclusives kill collecting.


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