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Big Trouble in Little China (N2 Toys)

Big Trouble in Little China
N2 Toys

<Insert Jack Burton quote here>

Every time you come across a post regarding Big Trouble in Little China, or Jack Burton in general, they all start with some form of quote from the movie. Why not, there's so many memorable ones. That's why we're not going to limit this post to just one. Go ahead and insert your own favorite before proceeding to read on.

Big Trouble in Little China merchandise is few and far between. This is probably because while the film has gone on to be a successful cult classic, in truth, when first released it was a critical flop. The movie did no favors for actor Kurt Russell, and director John Carpenter. In fact, it arguably hurt both of their careers - Again, during the time.

These days, it seems the film is more so appreciated for what it was initially designed to be - A fun, action/sci-fi/martial arts/comedy film that resonates on every note among fans.

Unfortunately, because of its lack of success at the box office, fans who wanted to take home more than just the movie in VHS form had to wait until 2002 when N2 released a very small line of figures based on the film. Sadly, while the figures were sculpted nice, action figures they were not. Where was the articulation?

Due to the poor quality in which many fans viewed the toys, they sold poorly, and were quickly shuffled off to most clearance bins. That was 2002...

 Jack Burton*Egg Shen*Wang Chi

...It's 2015 now. Try as you might, you're not going to find these figures for cheap. What many ignored as trash over ten years ago has cultivated into a vast treasure. Carded figures can set you back anywhere from fifty to two hundred dollars - Depending on the character. Most loose figures sell for twenty-five to fifty dollars. Not bad for a toy that nobody wanted, and was blown out in clearance bins for a couple bucks.

Lo Pan*Lightning*Chinese Wildman

It is rumored that a second series was in the works, but cancelled when the line faltered from the get-go. Those figures supposedly would have included; Thunder, Rain, Gracie Law and Little Old Basket Case on Wheels Lo Pan. While spread across the internet, this information is not confirmed to be true - Though it also hasn't been disproved.

Fans who still want a little piece of the Big Trouble in Little China action figure world need not go broke grabbing these up. Funko has since released a series in the ReAction Figures line - Though not as detailed, they're still fun in their own way - If you like vintage style figures that is.

Join us next time when we take a look at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

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  1. I'm surprised McFarlane didn't pick this license up. When I originally saw these, I thought that's who made them.

    I actually think NECA would do a good job with a line of Big Trouble in Little China figures.


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