Friday, August 28, 2015

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 13 and Beyond!

It's amazing how much ground Playmates Toys has already covered so far this year, but there's more to come - Some of which will be hitting store shelves prior to the end of the year. With that said, we know that some of these figures have been in the works for months to a year now, and patience is definitely dwindling for some. Rest assured, as far as Playmates Toys is concerned, these figures are all on the way - Of Course the question of when remains up in the air.


Fugitoid, Mondo Gecko and the four Dimension X Turtles have been trickling in on sites such as ebay. Expect them to be hitting store shelves soon. 

 Fugitoid*Mondo Gecko

 Mutant Shredder 2-Pack*Savage Mikey

 Dimension X Michelangelo*Dimension X Donatello

 Dimension X Raphael*Dimension X Leonardo

 Dark Dream Beaver*Dire Dream Beaver

 Muckman*Mozar (Walmart Exclusive)
Lord Dregg (Walmart Exclusive)*Slamboni with Casey Jones

Playmates Toys announced a Fugitoid ship with Space Mikey figure mid this year.

Dimension X Fugitoid Ship with Space Mikey

In addition to the above referenced photos, we also have confirmation from Playmates Toys that several other items are coming down the pike;

Kraang Prime
Dr. Cluckingsworth, Ice Cream Kitty and Spike Three-Pack
Savatini Romero

Though the Mutations line didn't see the release of all the prior figures announced, until the line is official cancelled (if that is happening at all), fans can still expect;

Stockman Fly (Mutations)
Rahzar (Mutations)
Dogpound (Mutations)
Leatherhead (Mutations)

For those looking for a big purchase, keep your eyes peeled for the Toys R' Us exclusive History of the Turtles. This eight pack will feature the various versions of Leonardo in the majority of his plastic iterations since the 1980's. Expect a hefty price tag with that one. Just don't expect anything new as all these figures have already been released at some point in time.

Target is also getting their own exclusive five pack. This one will feature the four Dimension X Turtles and Fugitoid. What sets this particular multipack apart from the originals is that they will be painted with a chrome finish.

Beyond the Slamboni and Fugitoid ship as shown above, there hasn't been much noise in the world of vehicles as of late. The playsets seem to be all wrapped up for the year as well. Sadly for fans that were waiting on the Pop-Up Pizza Shredder's Lair Playset the wait is over - It has been cancelled.

We'll keep you posted on any future news we hear. For a look at all the prior Nickelodeon TMNT waves, click "HERE".

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