Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Retro Spins: Kim Wilde - Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde
Kim Wilde

Welcome back to another Retro Spins - My second to be exact.

Last week I listened to Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, which turned out to be a fantastic bit of tunes with four new tracks making their way to my IPOD shuffle.

Sadly, Kim Wilde didn't fair as well.

Kim's self titled debut album from June of 1981 is all over the place in terms of music styles. You get solid rock tracks, pop, a splash of punk, even a dash of Caribbean and of course slow ballads. Unfortunately this mix match of styles doesn't allow the album to flow as smoothly as it could. Just as you're getting into a certain style the tone changes and you find yourself readjusting only to rinse and repeat.

The album is notable for its singles Kids in America and Chequered Love. Kids in America hit the charts in May of 1982 - Almost a full year after the album's initial release, but despite climbing the charts throughout the weeks never pulled its way to number one in this year. The latter track while a popular single among fans never managed to pique on the charts.

I will give the album a thumbs up for not only its two tracks noted above, but also Water on Glass and You'll Never Be So Wrong which got added to the IPOD shuffle during the Retro Spins listening session. They're not as catchy as Kids or Chequered, but they're decent tunes which I could listen to a couple more times.

Overall though, this is not one of my favorite albums. It has some good tracks, but due to the consistent changing music styles it makes it a little difficult to get into it.

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