Monday, February 12, 2018

Kubrick Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry (MediCom)

Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry

Yeah, okay, this is probably cheating. We know we've posted this particular entry before at The Toy Box, but unfortunately it got deleted when we purged the site of weekly contest type posts. We'll file that one under, "Oops", and take a do over if you don't mind. We promise next week's entry will more than make up for this relatively short post.

MediCom released these limited run Kubrick's back in 2007 exclusively at Toy Tokyo. The figures quickly sold out, and since then have boomed on secondary markets.

For those who are wondering what a Kubrick is, well, in essence it's a figure somewhat in the fashion of a Lego or Playmobile figure - With a little more articulation. As the company is based out of Japan, many products don't actually make their way to other countries. This in turn makes the majority of their figures extremely rare. Additionally, a lot of their products are not sold to the general public, but rather produced as limited promotional items to coincide with events - Such as the Wolverine Kuberick which was give to fans who saw the film in theaters, and Master Chief which was a pre order bonus in Japan for people who bought Halo 2.

For variant hunters, MediCom also released a set of glow in the dark versions. As would be expected, they are quite difficult to find. In fact, all of them are a little difficult to come across.

Despite their scarce nature, we've actually seen a set of six sell for as little as $40.00, mint on card. Of course, that's not to say they haven't been priced / sold much higher. Some sellers ask as much as $40.00 for one figure - Which they sometimes get.

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