Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Goonies (Funko / ReAction Figures)

The Goonies
Funko / ReAction Figures

True story - I once sent a letter to Richard Donner pitching an idea for a Goonies sequel. The concept was a simple one - Bring back the old cast, have them sitting around Mikey's home celebrating a holiday such as Thanksgiving or Christmas with their own children. Mikey's kid comes running to the table dressed in pirate garb to which one of the Goonies says, "Just like One Eyed Willy!" The adults (older cast) have a laugh, to which one of the younger children asks, "What's so funny?"

After settling down, Mikey says something to the tune of, "When we were younger we met THE One Eyed Willy." Of course the kids all scoff, saying, "No way," and things like that. Mikey says, "No, it's true. It all started when we ran into the vile Fratellis famly..." The film then fades into the beginning of the original Goonies movie which plays from start to finish

Boom, done! Long time fans get their long awaited sequel, but also the original. Why the original? Because let's be honest here - Fans of movies want sequels that are nothing short of the original. So, just give them the original with fluff (such as a reunited cast telling the tale of their younger days), and watch the cash flow in. I'd see it.

So....The Goonies. It's a classic. Can't deny it. Everyone knows it, to and include Funko. That's why they chose the film as one of their leading releases for their new Funko ReAction Figures back in 2014.


Funko hit the basics, releasing Mikey, Mouth, Data, Chunk and Sloth, but let's hope that a follow up series is in the works. We still need Brandon, Andy, Stef and of course the Fratellis; Mama, Francis and Jake. We also wouldn't mind a Rosalita to give our plastic Mouth someone to torment. Give us more, Funko!



Chunk (below) needs a little more....Well, chunk to him. The figure is way too skinny. Especially when compared side by side with the other figures. Look at the stock photo on the package - Data (cowering behind Chunk) is literally half the size of the actual actor. This should have been reflected in the figure.



It's a little annoying that the SDCC exclusive Sloth was nothing short of the same figure with the Superman logo added to the shirt. We're not saying we don't want a Sloth with a Superman shirt on, we're just saying that it shouldn't have been an exclusive - It's how the figure above should have been to begin with. A better exclusive would have been Sloth with his chains on.

Sloth (2014 SDCC Exclusive)

Admittedly, we were skeptical about any of the ReAction Figure lines when we first started hearing about them. We thought it was a step backwards for toys, and would give companies an excuse to charge premium prices for "dumb downed" figures. After actually getting our hands on the product - We can't help but think the complete opposite. These are fun, nostalgic in feeling, and quite frankly - They're just awesome when combined with that wonderful packaging.

On a side note, Funko, can we please get a Revenge of the Nerds series?

Join us next time when we take a look at Back to the Future!

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  1. My wife has all of the Mezco Goonies figures but we never picked these up. I'm not the biggest Goonies fan and these figures were weaker than many of the earlier ReAction releases. From keeping up with Funko on their forum and Q&A sessions, it sounds like the Goonies didn't do well enough to warrant a second series. My understanding about the Sloth Superman shirt is that since the logo is trademarked by DC/ Warner Bros., they had to work out a special arrangement for the convention exclusive. They have been releasing more DC product lately so maybe DC gave them some limited permission.

    1. Goonies is a very nostalgic film for me. With that said, while it's watchable, it hasn't necessarily aged well. There are some pretty cheesy moments in it. I feel the same way about The Karate Kid too.

      That actually makes sense (regarding the Superman shirt).


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