Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Funko ReAction Figures!

Funko has been churning out figure after figure in their all new line of ReAction Figures - So many to the point that it's getting a little difficult to keep up. That's why we're dedicating the month of September to cataloging a "new" series every Monday and Thursday.

Fans of Funko, rejoice! We'll be looking at eight series in total over the next thirty days.

Those who aren't fans...Well...Let's just say we may not be your "go to" site for the month of September - Though we hope you'll still stop by. Who knows, you might just be turned on to an all new toy line.


  1. Very cool! I love ReAction stuff and I've bougt a few dozen of them over the past year. I'm interested to see what lines you showcase.

    1. Oh, I've seen them on your site. In fact, it's your fault that I got so head over heals in love with them. For the longest time I skipped them until seeing your reviews. So really...This month is all your fault.


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