Monday, June 9, 2014

Sega 32X (Sega)

Sega 32X
1994 - 1995

Sega really shot themselves in the foot with the 32X.  It was originally slated as a stand alone console, developed to be the "poor man's" entry into the next gen of consoles.  However, head of research and development for Sega of America, Joe Miller convinced Sega of Japan to instead create the console as an add on to the Sega Genesis.

With poor marketing, a rushed release, an outrageous $200.00 price tag and an already announced Sega Saturn which was scheduled for release the following year, the Sega 32X failed to attract both developers and consumers.  In the end it was a commercial failure for Sega.


Because developers were hesitant, if not flat out refusing to produce games for a system they felt would be obsolete in less than twelve months, the 32X only sports thirty to forty games in total, most of which are atrocious.  Five of the games required the player to own not just the 32X, but also the Sega CD.

The 32X seemed to be the first nail in the coffin for Sega, and with their future releases of the Sega Saturn and finally the Sega Dreamcast, things just seemed to get steadily worse before the company dropped out of the console wars, and these days focuses strictly on developing games.

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