Thursday, June 26, 2014

Activision Presents (Dan Polydoris)

Activision Presents
Dan Polydoris

Some of the best figures are the ones you can't buy in stores, and these unique figures from Dan Polydoris based on a handful of Activision's classic Atari games are no exception.  Dan created these figures using mostly parts from vintage G.I. Joe figures and then hand painted each one to match the character as seen in the actual game.  Dan explains it best himself at his site, Chicago Toy Collector, and since we don't like to just cut and paste from other sites, we highly recommend you head their for the full details on how these amazing figures came to be.

Not only do the figures look amazing, but the packaging is so iconic in terms of "old skool" gaming.  Dan definitely captures the nostalgic feel of the original cartridges/game boxes in a way that really makes us wish that these figures did actually exist in the form of mass market releases by Hasbro.  In fact, with how successful Atari games were, it's kind of surprising that they didn't.

We've taken the artistic liberty of cleaning up the original photos from his site, and added our own layout/design to the mix.  However, the actual photograph of the figures/packaging is the property of Mr. Polydoris.  Used with permission.

Frostbite Bailey from the game Frostbite

Roderick Hero from the game H.E.R.O.

Officer Kelly from the game Keystone Kapers

Pitfall Harry from the game Pitfall

Short-Order Sam from the game Pressure Cooker

Sadly, at this time the figures are a one of a kind creation, and unless you can convince Mr. Polydoris to sell his only existing pieces, you won't be getting your hands on these.  Still, they're rather unique, and fun to look at.

Join us next time when we take a look at Lassie!

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