Monday, March 10, 2014

The Walking Dead Series 2 (Comic Book Figures) (McFarlane Toys)

The Walking Dead (AKA The Walking Dead Comic Book Figures) Series 2
McFarlane Toys

When the success of the television series took off, it really overshadowed the original comic book concept of The Walking Dead, so much to the point that people didn't even know the comic came first. When McFarlane toys first started producing figures, the success of the comic book figures also fell behind that of the television series. As a result, while the television series of figures went on, the comic book versions lagged in limbo with a possible cancellation hanging over it.

Fortunately something changed someone's mind, and series two was put into development.

Riot Gear Glenn*The Governor*Michonne's Pet Zombie Mike*Penny Blake

Two of the better figures from the series were the exclusive The Governor and Negan.

The Governor

Negan*Negan (Black and White)

Bloody Black and White The Governor Philip Blake and Zombie Daughter Penny Blake

We personally love the comic book so much more than the television series, and we hope that with the recent announcement of series three in the comic book wave of figures that more and more are on the horizon.

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