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Hellboy (AKA Hellboy Comic Book Figures) (Mezco)

Hellboy (AKA Hellboy Comic Book Figures)

With the mild success of the 2004 Hellboy (movie) figures, Mezco fired up 2005 with an all new series based on the comic book renditions of the characters. Much like the prior series, this particular line was big on variants that for the most part were subtle differences to Hellboy's face. However, this time there weren't as many.

Hellboy*Hellboy (Gritted Teeth)*Hellboy (Open Mouth)

Kriegaffe Number 10*Liz Sherman*Lobster Johnson

Alien*Hellboy with Rocket Pack

One of the more coveted figures from the series is the 2005 San Diego Comic Con exclusive Lobster Johnson. While the overall figure is nothing more than a clear blue plastic, the packaging, which was a really nice two piece box, really helped to sell this thing.

Lobster Johnson (Clear) - 2005 San Diego Comic Con

Exclusive figures were a big part of the series, but were mostly limited to SDCC.

Hellboy with Heads*Hellboy (with Trenchcoat)*Abe Sapien 

Hellboy (Battle Damaged - Open Mouth)*Hellboy (Battle Damaged - Clenched Teeth)

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