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The Crocodile Hunter (N2 Toys)

The Crocodile Hunter
N2 Toys

Steve Irwin was on top of the world from 1996 to 2006.  As the conceiver and host of his own hit show The Crocodile Hunter which became a huge success in over one hundred countries which reached five hundred million viewers, Irwin was one of the most popular "reality TV stars" of his time.  With his wife Terri, the duo would bring viewers an in depth look at some of the most timid and some of the most dangerous animals known to man.

Sadly it was one of the latter that would end Irwin's career in 2006 when he was fatally wounded on set while filming a feature on the stingray.  As Irwin approached the fish, it suddenly turned around, piercing him in the chest with its stinger in a defensive move in response to what is considered to be the animal feeling "boxed in".  His death took the world by such surprise that many thought it to be yet another infamous internet hoax of celebrity deaths.

Despite his life being cut short, Irwin has certainly left his mark on this world, and will be remembered for eternity.  One such way is through N2 Toys 2000 release of The Crocodile Hunter action figures.  Though the likeness is off, the backpacks which contain sound chips help to make the figures identifiable when out of the package.  There were three basic figures in total produced for the line.

Night Rescue Steve Irwin*Snake Rescue Steve Irwin*Animal Rescue Terri Irwin
Two deluxe figures where also produced.  Each package contains one animal, and a unique Steve Irwin figure.


Scuba Diving Steve Irwin with Tiger Shark*Steve Irwin with Argo the Croc
Also included in the line were two smaller vehicles, one of which contained a kangaroo - Who doesn't want a plastic kangaroo in their action figure collection?  Especially one that you can pose riding a dirt bike!

Outback Dirt Bike*Salt Water Croc Dinghy
The series was rounded off with the Radio Shack exclusive Radio Control Truck, also known as the 4X4 Outback Truck.  The vehicle also included an exclusive Steve Irwin figure.  This particular version of the figure appears to be the most popular among collectors because it depicts Irwin in the garb he generally wore in the television series.
Radio Shack Exclusive
Radio Control Truck (AKA 4X4 Outback Truck)
Surprisingly, this series won't come cheap for those looking to obtain it.  Individual figures, both deluxe and basic, sell for upwards of twenty-five dollars a piece.  The smaller vehicles fetch as much as $30.00 a piece, and the Radio Control Truck can command as much as $50.00.  That's not a bad return for a series of toys that the majority of folks out there don't even know about.

Join us next time when we take a look at The X Files!

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