Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Gods (DC Direct)

New Gods
DC Direct

New Gods is by far a new concept for DC Comics.  The characters, or rather, the concept of the original characters first appeared in Jack Kirby's New Gods number one back in February of 1971.  Since then they have seen many iterations and story lines which have come and gone as mini series over the past decades.

DC Direct's figures are based on the Countdown to Final Crisis story arc from 2007 (to 2008).  The story evolves around the mysterious deaths  of the New Gods across the universe, and is actually meant to set up the highly acclaimed Final Crisis story arc by Grant Morrison.

It's true that your mildly interested comic book fan probably hasn't heard about the majority of the characters in this particular series of toys, but for New Gods fans, this was a dream come true.  These characters stem from the classic era of comic books, and it's very apparent in their nostalgic looks with the bright greens, oranges and yellows worked into their costumes.  You just don't see characters this "bright" these days.

Darkseid*Lightray*Mr. Miracle*Orion

Big Barda*Kalibak*Metron*Superman

DC Direct has been doing an amazing job releasing figures in their various series that otherwise just wouldn't see the light of day.  It's commendable that they're not concerned with releasing a series that would otherwise only have a handful of figures.  They know what fans want, and they seem happy to oblige.

Join us next time when we take a look at Star Trek!

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