Thursday, November 28, 2013

Video Game Super Stars - X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (Toy Biz)

X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
Toy Biz

Toy Biz's Video Game Super Stars - X-Men Vs. Street Fighter is actually one of the larger, if not the largest series in the Video Game Super Stars lineup.  It features two series with a total of ten two packs for a whopping twenty figures - Though some of those are repainted variants.  Still, for fans of both Marvel's X-Men and Capcom's Street Fighter, this series was a treasure chest of toys, and a shame it didn't last a little bit longer to encompass a few more figures such as Guile, Storm, and all the other characters from the game.

The figures complimented the game perfectly, which quickly became a quarter eater in local arcades in 1999.  The video game series would go on to spawn several sequels, and be ported to several consoles year after year, and remains one of the hottest fighting games of this generation.

Cyclops Vs. M. Bison*Magneto  Vs. Ryu
Sabretooth Vs. Ken*Wolverine Vs. Akuma

Gambit Vs. Cammy*Gambit Vs. Zangief
Apocalypse Vs. Dhalsim

Juggernaut Vs. Chun Li*Juggernaut Vs. Dhalsim
Rogue Vs. Zangief

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  1. Why have i seen Jean Grey from these series???

    1. Are you sure you have? We can't confirm that exists.

  2. wheres strider hiryu and spiderman? I have strider hiryu from this series

    1. That two pack is from the Marvel Vs. Capcom series;


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