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Red Faction: Armageddon (Gamestars Collectibles)

Red Faction Armageddon
Gamestars Collectibles

We haven't covered many Gamestars Collectibles (GC) toys around here at The Toy Box. However, in our defense, there aren't many of them. The company seems to have come and gone in the blink of an eye in 2012, and has only produced three lines of figures based on the video games; Crysis 2, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, and the one we're about to go into here - Red Faction Armageddon. Since then, nothing has been heard of from GC, nor can much information be found on the internet.

Red Faction began as a video game series in 2001 with the title of the same name. It was followed up in 2002 with the lackluster Red Faction II, and the series reinvigorating title, Red Faction: Guerrilla in 2009. With such high anticipation, it was disappointing to see Red Faction: Armageddon (2011) fall into the same criticism of RFII. Critics claimed the game was behind the times in graphics, and failed to offer a cohesive story that drew gamers in. Granted, the game did offer a large geographic location to explore (and destroy), all while challenging players with increasingly difficult enemies. Sadly, it wasn't enough though.

Fast forward to 2012.

In an attempt to enter the market of action figures, Gamestars Collecitbles releases six figures based on the game. Each one is highly detailed in sculpt, articulation and paint. However, much like the game itself, this wasn't enough to draw collectors in. Coupled with the figures being limited in availability - Typically only at local game stores (if they bothered to order any), and a very niche audience concept, you can see the vast uphill climb that GC created for themselves.


Out of the six figures, the Ravager and Creeper ones seem to be the more sought after. Secondary markets see the pair selling for around $25.00 (for a set of them), and mind you that's in loose condition. The remaining figures don't fair so well, and often times remain unsold.



Despite limited lines of figures, Gamestars Collectibles was always on par with their packaging. With artwork straight from the developers of the game, it was easy to denote (for fans of the series) that these were Red Faction figures just from the top banner.

 Darius Mason


Marauder's Officer

As noted above, the majority of the figures don't fare well on secondary markets. Average sales are around $7.50, mint on card, sometimes reaching $10.00, but not often. Even with prices this low, most of the times the figures go unsold.

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