Thursday, May 12, 2016

God Jesus / Urani Robo (Bandai)

God Jesus / Urani Robo

It's kind of one of those, "Only in Japan" moments.

God Jesus, or Urani Robo as he / she was also known is a robot toy that was designed to be somewhat of a Magic Eight Ball toy. However, unlike a Magic Eight Ball which provided you with a variety of answers stemming from a yes or no to more vague ones, God Jesus only provided a yes or no answer by way of either shaking or nodding his / her head.

Just look at young Tang Shen here asking the all knowing God Jesus if heartthrob Hamato Yoshi will ask her to the Foot Clan's Annual Barn Jamboree. Look at the brimming joy on her face as God Jesus gives his nod of confirmation. Sure hope Oroko Saki doesn't catch wind of this.

What's interesting to note about the robot is that while he's shown on the box as having a bouquet of flowers, the accessory inside was actually a large cross....Or with a little imagination, a broadsword.

As mentioned above, the robot was also known as Urani Robo. This particular boxed version came in both a pink and blue iteration - Obviously meaning to distinguish between a male and female bot.

Just look at the poor little guy below getting a nod of approval one minute, and then a heartbreaking rejection shake the next.

The robots were never exported to the USA or European markets, and honestly we've yet to come across one on secondary markets. As such, we really don't know what kind of price these things are going for these days. If you have one that your recently acquired, drop us a note in the comments section letting us know what it cost you.

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