Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Spirit (Mezco)

The Spirit

It's a real shame that 2008's The Spirit doesn't get the kind of love that other comic book movies have garnered. Quite honestly we thought it was pretty good. Mind you, we're also big Frank Miller fans, and love his style of films - Specifically the visuals.

Mezco produced a few items to coincide with the film's release, but sadly, they were as poorly received as the film. Items stayed on pegs for months before being shifted to clearance isles, where for many stores, select items continued to sit.

Overall, the line did a decent job of covering a fair amount of ground for being just one series of figures. There are glaring omissions, such as Scarlett Johansson's character - Silken Floss, Dan Lauria's character - Dolan, and one of the two main love interests of The Spirit, Sarah Paulson's character - Ellen. No doubt, these figures would have been an amazing addition to a second wave.

The Spirit*Sand Seref*Plaster of Paris

The Octopus*Pathos*Plaster of Paris and Sand Seref Black and White Two-Pack

Mezco also produced a twelve inch Spirit, which was available in two slightly different versions. The first features a straight tie, while the second features a tie that is depicted as flapping in the wind.

The Spirit (Straight Tie)*The Spirit (Flapping Tie)

Prices for the series flip flop all over the place these days. We've seen entire carded sets sell for as little as $8.00 for the whole lot. On other occasions, we've seen specific figures sell for around $15.00 on the card. This back and forth makes it incredibly difficult to pinpoint a price point. If there is anything to be learned from this, patience will pay off in money saved if you're hunting them down as there are cheap sets to be found.

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