Thursday, February 25, 2016

Meteor Man (Olmec Toys)

Meteor Man
Olmec Toys

It would take a super hero to clean up the inner city gang problems - Or at least that's what the message of the film Meteor Man was panned as sending. Written, directed and starring Robert Townsend, the 1993 superhero comedy seems to have mostly poor reviews surrounding it. Not necessarily for its misconstrued message, but more so because it's just not considered to be all that good in general. Roger Ebert may possibly have summed it up best, "The movie contains big laughs and moments of genuine feeling, but it seems to be put together out of assorted inspirations that were never assembled into one coherent story line."

Olmec Toys produced a one and done bendable figure based on the character. Much like the film itself, the figure didn't fare to well, and was soon tossed in clearance isle bins.

Aesthetics wise, it's not a bad figure. Olmec captured all the bumps and ridges in the Meteor Man suit fairly well - Perfect in fact. If we had to nitpick, then sure the cape is too long, and the head sculpt is certainly lacking in accuracy to the actor. Nitpicks aside though, again, it's not a bad figure. It's certainly a conversation piece to have in one's collection alongside the likes of Batman, Superman, and all those other well known iconic characters.

The average going price these days for a mint in the package figure is around ten bucks. However, there are a lot of sellers out there that seem to think that the asking price should be around $25.00 to $35.00. Those sellers naturally still own their Meteor Man figures.

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  1. I vaguely remember this movie being out although I definitely remember the bendable figure languishing on toy shelves. Bendy toys rarely fare well, though, at least in my experience.

    Cool to see you covering this, though. Olmec toys kind of has a following, particularly due to Sun Man and the Bronze Bombers. They're the only action figure manufacturer that really focused on producing African American action figures.

    1. Totally true, and well pointed out with regards to Olmec Toys.



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