Monday, July 6, 2015

Nintendo Power (Nintendo)

Nintendo Power
1988 - 2012

Do do do da do do - doot - That's the lyrics to Super Mario Bros. for the NES when you first fire up World 1-1...Admit it, you went back and re-read the do do's to the tune of the song after reading that last sentence.

Today we're here to talk about one of the greatest video game magazines of all time - Nintendo Power! Much like a dealer selling you crack cocaine, Nintendo said, "Here, the first one's free...But, you'll be back."

The first issue was mailed out to all Nintendo Fan Club members. It was later either handed out by retailers when folks came in to buy a console or game, and later consoles had the issue packed in with it. If you played NES, you read Nintendo Power. If you didn't - Then you were just so not rad.

The magazine ran from July of 1988 all the way through December of 2012. During its years it featured such noted columns as; Player's Pulse, Counselor's Corner, Power Up, Mailbox, and of course the ever popular cheat section which featured tips, tricks and codes for some of the more challenging NES games.

During its twenty-four year run, Nintendo printed exceptional issue after exceptional issue. Here for you today, is every single one of those issues - Even the multiple covers for subscription and newsstand editions. We hope you enjoy it.

Join us next time when we take a look at Emily the Strange!

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