Thursday, June 18, 2015

Space: 1999 (Palitoy)

Space: 1999

This post is for our reader, Night Owl, who commented about the Palitoy versions of Space: 1999 figures back in our original post of Mattel's version of the same series.

Palitoy was a British based toy manufacturer who often times worked with companies such as Kenner and Mego to produce and release figures in areas of the world that toys otherwise would not have made it to. The company found its biggest success in 1977 when it produced several foreign versions of Kenner's massively popular Star Wars line.

In that same year, Palitoys also released Mego branded dolls for Space: 1999. What's interesting about this particular line is that Mego never actually released dolls for this brand in the USA. Instead, it was Mattel that got their hands on the license to do so. With that said, there are definite differences between both lines in terms of design. As such, both are highly sought after by fans of the television series.

Only five - eight inch dolls were produced and released. All came packaged on that familiar Mego style bubble package which featured the status quo circular artwok depicting each character available.

 Alan Carter*Captain Koenig

 Captain Zantor*Mysterious Alien

Paul Morrow

Figures Toy Company gave a nod to the line in 2005 when they produced the original figures above as well as eleven additional ones. As such, be mindful when tracking down loose Palitoy versions as you may unwittingly purchase the newer versions at a vintage price.

Join us next time when we take a look at Scarface!

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