Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Masters of the Universe Promotional Posters (Mattel)

Masters of the Universe Promotional Posters
1984 - 1987

Happy Masters of the Universe Day! Yes, it's been 28 years since L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley decreed that April 28 shall forever be known as Masters of the Universe Day, and we like so many out there still recognize it as such to this day.

In conjunction with numerous blogs, we're posting a special post dedicated to the ultimate man of muscles, He-Man. We'll include a list of fellow bloggers at the end of this article.

A really awesome aspect to collecting Masters of the Universe toys in the 80's - Or rather, playing with Masters of the Universe toys in the 80's - was that every so often Mattel would put out wonderful promotional posters for us kids. More so fantastic to this idea was that the posters were free...With purchase of "X" amount of figures.

Each poster featured wonderful painted artwork of the toys, and served not only as a fantastic portrait to hang on your walls, but also as an excellent visual checklist. The posters were produced consecutively each year from 1984 to 1987.

There are two versions of each poster known to exist. The most common are those that have the printed names of all the characters showcased. The second version has no names printed on the artwork. Personally, we prefer the ones with the names printed.

 1984 - AKA He-Man and Skeletor Castles

 1985 - AKA The Evil Horde

For those of you looking to add a little of the vintage He-Man line nostalgia to your collections, but shy away due to high secondary market prices, these posters could be what you're looking for. Though some sellers try to list the posters as high as $100.00 each, they can typically be obtained for $15.00 to $20.00 each - However, be mindful of reprints if you're after the authentic ones.

 1986 - AKA Eternia

1987 - AKA Preternia

These posters are fantastic! They come from a period in time that Photoshop didn't exist. As such, they were nicely painted by artists that actually worked to earn a living as opposed to just cropping photographs digitally. Boy, how many digital designers did we just tick off with that comment?

On that note, we wrap up our Masters of the Universe Day contribution. Don't forget to check out all the other great bloggers out there who are posting in celebration of the day;

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Masters of the Universe Day logos created by The Toy Box using artwork of Orko created by KWilkinson of Deviant Art.

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