Thursday, March 26, 2015

Kurt Cobain (NECA)

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was the front man of Nirvana and one of the leading contributors to the grunge scene which exploded across the world in the early 1990's. Famous for his "deep" and poetic lyrics, Cobain is (arguably) considered one of the best song writers of that particular era.

During his brief musical career, Cobain penned hit after hit with songs such as Smells Like Teen Spirit, All Apologies, About A Girl and many more, soaring the band into superstardom success - Success which some say contributed to his decision to commit suicide in 1994. Though the band only completed three studio albums, their legacy lives on in numerous compilations, and live albums which fans still eagerly purchase today.

Between the mid and late 2000's, NECA was releasing a steady stream of rock icons, and included among them was Cobain. Two six inch versions, the Nevermind and Unplugged versions, were released as well as an eighteen inch Nevermind figure.



What's ironic about these figures is that it is our understanding that Cobain was never one for commercialism. We doubt highly that if he were around today that he would allow his likeness to be used for action figures.

18 Inch Nevermind

Regardless of where you stand with their music, there's no denying that Nirvana had and still has its fair share of loyal fans who loved the members of the band and their music. It's a tragedy that Cobain felt the need to take his own life, but in the end, he will live on forever through his music.

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