Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jay and Silent Bob (Graphitti Designs)

Jay and Silent Bob
Graphitti Designs

Before the incredibly hard to find Kevin Smith figures based on Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, and so forth were released in 2003, Graphitti Designs produced much larger figures of the film's star's Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith as their characters Jay and Silent Bob. These figures featured voice chips which were activated by pushing a button located on each figure...Of course, the Silent Bob figure said nothing.

Jay*Silent Bob
Prior to their release, 1,000 "Semi-Politically Correct" editions of the figures were produced for Comic-Con International. However, out of those thousand, five hundred were given away to specific retailers, while the rest were sold at Graphitti Design's booth. The proceeds from the sales went to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
Today these versions of the figures are incredibly hard to come by. Because they were usually sold in sets to buyers (Who's going to just buy one?), each one typically has the same number stamped on the sticker.

Jay*Silent Bob
These days a lot of second hand dealers (specifically on ebay) ask for around $80.00 for the sets, however they rarely sell for that much. Patient buys who don't dive in to the "Buy it Now" option can sometimes get a set of two for as little as $15.00, but typically no more than $35.00.

As for the exclusive Semi-Politically Correct versions, those are much harder to come by, and as such are going to set you back more. Unfortunately because sets come up so few and far between, it's difficult to gauge a value for them as prices aren't consistent.

Join us next time when we take a look at another Kevin Smith series; Bluntman and Chronic!

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