Monday, December 22, 2014

Onimusha 2 (McFarlane Toys)

Onimusha 2
McFarlane Toys

McFarlane's Onimusha 2 figures are based on the second installment of the highly popular/successful Onimusha video game series by Capcom. The series was based on a retelling of Japanese history, utilizing historic figures that helped to shape the country to what it has become known as today.

Beyond that, there's really not much to say. Onimusha appeals to its niche group of fans, much like other collectors. Unfortunately for how popular it is, it isn't necessarily a worldwide phenomenon.

Fuma Kataro*Gogandantes

Oda Nobunaga*Oyu from Odani

Saiga Magoichi*Yagyu Jubei

As you can see, the names also don't role off the English speaking tongue.
Join us next time, AKA Christmas day when we take a look at the toy that nobody should be without this holiday!

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