Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Ren and Stimpy Show (Mattel)

Ren and Stimpy

Happy, happy, joy, joy! It's The Ren and Stimpy Show!

Nickelodeon made history when The Ren and Stimpy Show hit the airwaves in 1991. It had everything kids wanted - Classic animation, gross humor, gross visual gags, gross characters who spouted gross things, and all around was just over the top funny. Then the parents got their hands on it...

Nickelodeon quickly found themselves on the receiving end of complaint after complaint from parents who despised the harsh language, toilet humor, and general premise of some episodes. In the end, the backlash really only served to make the show all the more popular with children.

Soon merchandise started hitting store shelves. Stuffed animals, bobble heads, cups, plates, shirts, and the best - Mattel's line of action figures.

A total of eight figures hit store shelves in 1993.  When they were first released these toys were difficult to get a hold of. Store's sold out quickly, and in some cases didn't even order them.

Slap-Happy Ren Hoek*Bump-A-Riffic Stimpy

Army Ren Hoek*Boot Camp Stimpy

Commander Ren*Space Cadet Stimpy

Bath Tub Ren Hoek*Gritty Kitty Simpy

These days its not too difficult to find them lurking on ebay, but prices are all over the place. Some days you can get them for as low as five dollars each, while other days you can't find them for less than twenty-five dollars each. This sporadic pricing really makes it difficult to obtain a comlpete set for the more frugal collector.

Join us next time when we take a look at The Hardy Boys!

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  1. Wow! This was definitely a blast from the past!

    I remember watching Ren & Stimpy and reading the comics with my dad. We were both really into the show!

    I only ever had two of these: Space Cadet Stimpy and Bath Tub Ren Hoek. Both were definitely incredibly fun toys and I bet I still have them somewhere....

    "I am the cat! I am the cat!"

    1. The Ren and Stimpy Show is still one of our favorite shows around here. We love watching the DVD's while we "work" on posts.

  2. I only have two of the Palisades figures from a few years back (The shaving Yak and Mr. Horse): Any chance of that line getting some coverage? Those were some darn fine toys!

    1. We knew you would ask, so we did it in 2012 in anticipation of your request!

  3. Hi there! Can you please point me in the right direction to find out how much a 16" Yak stuffed animal from Ren and Stimpy circa 1997 should go for? The one I have is in great condition! I have seen prices ranging from $60-$200 but haven't found anything specifically written online about it, just that it's rare and hard to find. I am definitely seeing the hard to find part alright! I have been searching all over and will be a new seller on eBay though I am very familiar with the process as I used to work there. Any pricing guideline information you could provide would be great appreciated!! Thank you!

    1. It depends on the condition. We have seen mint condition ones sell between $100 and $150. As with all collectibles, they're only worth what you paid for it until you find a buyer, but you could certainly start at the above mentioned prices and see where it goes from there. Good luck with your sale.


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