Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Outer Space Men (Colorforms)

The Outer Space Men

The Outer Space Men was a series of bendable figures which were produced in the late 1960's by Colorforms.  Using the basic constellations of planets in our own galaxy, each figure was given a name, and assigned a planet of origin.

It is speculated by several collector's markets that the line was produced to compete with and also be incorporated with Mattel's Major Matt Mason line from the same period.  Colorforms failed to find much commercial success with the line when it was first produced, and the line quickly vanished from store shelves.  This unfortunately meant that even though a second series was well into production, the line was cancelled before it would be released.

Alpha 7 The Man From Mars*Astro-Nautilus The Man From Neptune

Colossus Rex The Man From Jupiter*Commander Comet The Man From Venus

Electron+ The Man From Pluto*Orbitron The Man From Uranus

Xodiac The Man From Saturn

 A full set out of the figures can run you anywhere from $1,200.00 to $1,500.00.  A full set sealed on the cards is unheard of, with the exception of one confirmed set owned by creator Mel Birnkrant.  Thus no price point can even be speculated.

These days, the line is seeing a major resurgence in popularity, most notably because of the new products being sculpted by The Four Horsemen and original creator Mr. Birnkrant.  The line now features smaller, 3 3/4 inch figures, and even the above mentioned cancelled figures are being released, much to fan approval.

The photographs of the figures and cardbacks in this post are the property of Mr. Mel Birnkrant.  Taken from his own personal website, "HERE".  Photo layout and design by The Toy Box.

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