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Captain and Tennille and TV Starz Fashion Collection (Mego)

Captain and Tennille
1977 - 1978

These Captain and Tennille dolls are technically part of Mego's TV Starz assortment which saw numerous dolls based on popular TV actors and actresses of the times.  The series included the likes of Cher, Farrah Fawcett and Diana Ross, but never really came together as an encompassed set in the eyes of buyers at the time, and collectors today.  This was because the only thing these "people" had in common with each other was that they were indeed on TV at the time.

The Captain, Daryl Dragon, and his wife, Toni Tennille found success with hit after hit during the era, and were featured several times on various variety shows as guests and hosts.  The two sang of happiness and love, something the general public truly felt the couple had for each other as evident by their long standing marriage.

However, as of January 2014, the couple have filed for divorce.  What a downer.  Not only that, but with the two being in their seventies, how much fuel could they really have left in the tank?  May as well gun it to the finish line at that point.

The dolls from Mego stood approximately twelve inches high, and even featured unique cut outs of their dogs on the packaging.  It was quite often that the duo would feature the pups in music videos and performances.

The Captain, Daryl Dragon*Toni Tennille

As mentioned above, the series of dolls was technically part of a much larger line entitled TV Starz.  Mego produced a line of additional clothing for each "set" of dolls which featured numerous outfits for all the dolls (in the TV Starz line) as seen in their television performances.  There were four produced specifically for Tennille in the line.

Shop Around*Sweet Tomorrow*Gypsy Magic*Sunshine

Today the dolls and fashion accessories fetch a pretty penny on secondary markets such as eBay.  The dolls can sell for upwards of a hundred dollars each, and the clothing sells for as much as $75.00 for each one.

Join us next time when we take a look at Air Raiders!

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