Thursday, December 5, 2013

Flash Gordon (Playmates Toys)

Flash Gordon
Playmates Toys

Flash Gordon has seen a lot of iterations since his conception in 1934.  Weekly serials, cartoons, comic books, movies, and of course, toys.  1996 saw a new telling of the tales of Flash Gordon, this time through the perspective of a teenage Flash.  Flash's parents were American astronauts who got sucked into a dimensional hole just outside the earth’s atmosphere. The trans-dimensional portal was placed there by Ming the Merciless, emperor of the planet Mongo, who hoped to provide open access for his invading armies.

The series ran for only twenty-six episodes, and while it didn't manage to garner many fans, the action figures produced by Playmates Toys proved to be a little more popular - Though the line was rather small, encompassing only eight figures, two vehicles, and a small playset.

Dale Arden*Flash Gordon in Flight Suit*Flash Gordon in Mongo Outfit

General Lynch*Kobalt the Mercenary*Ming the Merciless

Prince Talon*Princess Thundar

Flash Gordon Rebel Airbike*Triphibian

Ming's Jaws of Death Throne

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