Monday, October 21, 2013

Masters Of The Universe Mini Comics (Mattel)

Masters of the Universe Mini Comics
Mattel (DC Comics)

One of the fun aspects of collecting the original Masters of the Universe toys were the little mini comics that came packed with some of the figures.  Each mini book was approximately six inches high, and contained a short story, typically which intertwined with the character it came packed with - Though some were just randomly packed in with other figures in addition.  Throughout the six years that the toy line ran, forty-nine books were produced.

The first eleven comics were produced by DC Comics, and are highly praised among He-Man collectors for the high quality of the books.  Unfortunately, in what can be assumed was a cost cutting measure, Mattel took direct control of the books, and produced the remaining thirty-eight, which fans consider to be of a much lower quality both in art and story.

Battle In The Clouds*(The) Battle Of Roboto*Between A Rock And A Hard Place

(The) Clash Of Arms*(The) Cosmic Key*Double-Edged Sword

Dragon's Gift*Engery Zoids*Enter...Buzz-Saw Hordak!

Escape From The Slime Pit!*Eye Of The Storm*(The) Fastest Draw In The Universe!

(The) Flying Fists Of Power*Grizzlor: The Legend Comes Alive!*He-Man And The Insect People

He-Man And The Power Sword*He-Man Meets Ram-Man!*Hordak - The Ruthless Leader's Revenge

(The) Hordes Of Hordak*King Of Castle Grayskull*King Of The Snake Men

Leech - The Master Of Power Suction Unleashed!*(The) Magic Stealer!*Mantenna And The Meance Of The Evil Horde!

Masks Of Power*(The) Menace Of Multi-Bot!*(The) Menace Of Trap-Jaw!

(The) Obelisk*(The) Ordeal Of Man-E-Faces!*(The) Power Of...Point Dread!

(The) Power Of Grayskull: The Legend Begins!*Revenge Of The Snake Men!*Rock People To The Rescue

(The) Search For Keldor*(The) Secret Liquid Of Life!*Siege Of Avion

Skeletor's Dragon*Slave City!*Snake Attack!

Spikor Strikes*(The) Stench Of Evil*(The) Tale Of Teela!

(The) Temple Of Darkness*(The) Terror Claws Strike*(The) Terror Of Tri-Klops!

(The) Treachery Of Modulok!*(The) Ultimate Battleground!*(The) Vengeance Of Skeletor!*(The) Warrior Machine!

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