Monday, November 14, 2011

Austin Powers (McFarlane Toys)

Yeah baby! Yeeaaah!

Mike Meyers dropped a comic gem on the world in 1997 when New Line Cinema released his comic opus Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. The film quickly spawned two sequels in 1999 and 2002, with a fourth planned for 2013.

In 1999 McFarlane Toys released two series of figures (a total of 12 figures - 6 in each series). Staying true to McFarlane Toys standards of quality, the figures were amazing.

Each sculpt accurately depicted the characters, and included some fun accessories. Each figure also came with their own stand.

Because the toys were sold in retail stores across the world, Fat Bastard received a name change to Fat Man.

Also staying true to McFarlane Toys were the boat loads of variants that came about - Though the majority of them were merely changes to the sticker in the top left corner of the bubble pack. The figures from series one, and their variants included;

Austin Danger Powers "Would you fancy a shag?"
Austin Powers "Crickey, I've lost my mojo!"
Austin Powers "Would you fancy a shag?"
Austin Powers "Yeah Baby, yeah!"
Dr. Evil "One Million Dollars"
Fat Man "Sorry I Farted"
Felicity Shagwell "Care for a Ride"
Felicity Shagwell "You're a groovy boy"
Mini Me "Eeeeeeee"

Series two was released within months of series one, and included another six figures. The packaging was changed slightly in color to show that they were new.

The seris included more variants based on blurbs in the top left corner of the bubble pack, but there was also one distinct figure variation. Scott Evil can be found with both a "blurred" shirt, and a Kurt Coban one.

The figures and variants for the six series two figures are;

Carnaby Street Austin "What do you think of my shag pad, darling?"
Fembot "Hello, Mr. Powers, care to have a little fun?"
Moon Mission Dr. Evil "I will not Tolerate Failure"
Moon Mission Dr. Evil "Welcome to my Moon Base"
Moon Mission Mini Me "Breathtaking, I shall call him...Mini Me"
Moon Mission Mini Me "Send in the Clone"
Scott Evil "A trillion is more than a billion, numbnuts"
Scott Evil "Get away from me you lazy eyed physcho"
Vanessa Kensington "You can address me as Agent Kensington"

Series two also saw the release of a two pack/vehicle in the form of Dr. Evil and Mini Me with Mini Mobile.

In 2000 ToyFare Magazine offered an exclusive two pack of Dr. Evil and Mini Me. Though they were just slightly altered repacks of the vehicle two pack above.

We're a big fan of the Austin Power films, and these figures are a wonderful compliment to them.

Each figure can be found for around eight to ten dollars, with the exception of the Scott Evil with Kurt Coban shirt which can fetch as much as $40.00.

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  1. anyone know anything about the numbers stamped or imprinted in the mini mobile set in the box


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