Monday, August 2, 2010

G.I. Joe Package Inserts (Hasbro)

Inserts, catalogs, brochures, pamphlets, booklets - Whatever you want to call them. These were the great full color "poster" size pages folded up and inserted into all of our favorite toys of the 80's. But, what was the fate of most of them? Torn, thrown away, lost, scribbled all over, or simple cut to pieces and glued all over various school books and lockers. In short, the bulk of them don't exist today.

But, despite this, the secondary market doesn't hold a high value for them. Mainly because folks in the world of toy collecting either pass them up all together, or seek out only MIB (mint in box) toys, which the insert would already be inside of. This in turn makes for a great collectible that can be obtained for a fairly reasonable price. Not only that, but they take up a heck of a lot less space then the actual toys, and honestly make for a nice conversation piece hanging framed on your wall.

While most toys of the 80's had inserts such as these, today we're focusing strictly on the vintage 3 3/4 inch G.I. Joe line (mainly because they've become a new personal hobby that I've started collecting). The series started in 1982, and ran all the way up to 1994. Each year had its own packed in insert, usually with the vehicles, showing all the various new toys coming out that year in a double sided fold out pamphlet style booklet.

So, sit back, enjoy, and take in all the wonderful sights that were the G.I. Joe package inserts.

1982 - AKA "The Legend of G.I. Joe"

1983 - AKA "To the Rescue"



1986 - AKA "A Real American Hero"





1991 - AKA "Get G.I. Joe Tough!"

1992 - Done in a comic book format, but still folding out.

1993 - Done in a comic book format, but still folding out.


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