Monday, February 6, 2017

Round Robin Challenge: Best Adaption!

Alexis' Universe brings us this week's Round Robin Challenge - Best Adaption! Mr. Smith was first to respond (as usual), and had some really good comments as he finally narrowed it down to The Watchmen film adaptation as being the best of the best - Which I have to agree is really good in terms of staying true to the source material.

For my choice, I'm going with something a little more recent.

Neil Patrick Harris is killing it as Count Olaf in the Netflix adaptations of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. I also find it rather interesting that Malina Weissman was cast as Violet Baudelaire as she's almost a carbon copy lookalike of Emily Browning who played the character in the 2004 film version starring Jim Carrey.

Overall the first season has been a very enjoyable, and fun experience. Some of the writing can seem a bit over the top theatrical, or even flat out annoying. However, this is nothing short of how the actual novels were written.

Season one encompasses the first four books - each broken down into two episodes. With nine more stories to go from there, you can well bet that they plan on stretching this out for at least another two seasons of episodes.

Speaking of which, don't pass on the novels themselves. They're a fun read in and of themselves, and can be read fairly quickly for any average paced reader.

Of course, if you're not into reading, you can also check out the audiobook adaptations. Most of them are read by the fabulous Mr. Tim Curry. However, books three, four and five are read by Mr. Lemony Snicket himself, Daniel Handler. Sadly, the books narrated by him are not as good. They lack a lot of the depth of character acting that Curry brings to each page.

Unfortunately nobody else has chimed in to the Round Robin Challenge for the week - Other than Mr. Smith as noted above - So unfortunately there's no links to share. Keep your eye's posted to Alexis' main page for any that come in.

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  1. Sounds interesting
    how did I become Brother Midnight though?

  2. This was a pretty good selection. I haven't seen the series or read the books, sadly the Jim Carey movie has ruined any interest in the franchise for me because it was so bad imo.

    1. The Jim Carrey version was not good. This one is definitely way better.

  3. I keep seeing this In my recently added list.Might have to check It out some time.

    1. There are very few shows I have seen that I would classify as "fun". This one is one of them.


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