Monday, August 10, 2015

Heading to the Attic

For the past six years The Toy Box has strove to be an excellent resource for toy collectors, toy enthusiasts, and those who just wanted to relive their childhoods through a glance at the past. During those years we've met many other bloggers, collectors, and had an opportunity to chat with folks who wanted to ask a question or simply share a memory. All of it has been a pleasure.

However, as they say, nothing lasts forever. It's time to pack The Toy Box up in the attic.

The site will remain up for as long as Blogger allows it to without posting activity, and we'll still check in on e-mails and comments periodically, but as of now there are no plans to post new content regularly beyond December 3, 2015. The key word in that sentence is "regularly". Future posts may sporadically pop up here and there, but again, there are no plans in place for that at this time. It will definitely be on a whim if it occurs.

For those of you that read our Facebook page, those post will not continue past last week, and that page will be shut down / deactivated at the end of August, 2015.

We want to thank all of you who have followed our site, joined our Facebook page, and in general visited The Toy Box. We appreciate all of you, and your support.

Thank you,

The Toy Box


  1. Thanks for all that you've done here Matt! Sad to see it go, but I hope you have some great new ideas that you're developing. Best of luck to you!

    1. Thanks, Brian. Yeah, I've got some things going on. I'm doing the final edits for a book I finished mid last year, and have already jumped into a second novel with a third clanking around my head. Definitely something I need to focus on in full to bring to fruition.

      Thanks for your help and support here at The Toy Box.

  2. So long and good luck in your future adventures.

  3. I'm sorry to see you go, but six years is a solid run. Good luck with your books!

    1. Thank you - Yeah, we had a good run here.


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