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About The Toy Box

Welcome to The Toy Box. If you’re here, we speculate that you found something on our site that holds a lot of memories for you, or you’re researching a particular toy line, and are using us as a reference point. Perhaps you just stumbled on to us by blind luck. Either way – WELCOME! You can find us here at our blog ( or on Facebook at

One of the things we strive for the most here is completeness. There are a lot of websites out there that contain great lists and archival photographs of toys. Unfortunately the majority of them are incomplete. Be it time, lack of interest, sudden noninvolvement in collecting, or other facets that contribute these links often times fall stagnant. Rest assured if we are posting about a specific toy line, it has been thoroughly researched to the best of our abilities. But, we’re realistic. If we ever miss anything, let us know. We’re happy to credit any additional findings to the people who bring them to our attention.

We also strive for 100% perfection in our photography. When we initially launched we would use various photographic sources for our articles. As a result several collections contained a combination of opened and sealed items, varying in overall picture quality. Over the course of 2012, we’ve been working to “renovate” our older posts that contained these varying photographs, and have since set the standard for our sites above what we consider average. Each article is embedded with only the finest compilation of mint in package photographs (when applicable). We feel that this is definitely an aspect that makes us stand out among the rest. Most importantly, (once all our older posts have been updated) the photographs all belong to us, and don’t infringe on anyone else’s work.

As our disclaimer at the bottom of each page implies, this site is designed for educational purposes only. We’re not in a seller’s market, so we’re not here to push any particular toy line onto anyone. We will never flat out tell anyone to buy any particular line, and unless it is for charity, have never offered any toys for sale. We’re not here to advertise for anyone, we simply want to share with the world as many toy lines out there that we can.

Sharing our toys with the world is an amazingly fun thing to do, but honestly, we do it for the love of toys, and because we ourselves enjoy reading our posts over and over again. Having additional readers from around the world is icing on the cake. Whether we have zero readers or ten million, we will still be here every week posting something new. However, with that said, we are very grateful for our readers, and really appreciate their comments and suggestions. We are especially grateful for those few who have chosen to follow us as one of their weekly Blog stops.

If there is ever any suggestions you have for this site, please feel free to contact us at We’re always happy to hear from our readers about the toys that you love, and when we can, will even compile an article on them. Please note that we cannot give a time frame on when any one specific article would be posted as we compile month’s worth of posts in advance. Our Blog is an ever growing site that is constantly being contributed to. If there are any readers out there who would be interested in becoming weekly contributors to the site, let us know. We’re always looking for people as passionate about toys as we are.

Unfortunately we cannot police the entire internet, and as a result of having our photographs stolen in the past have had to impose certain copyright protection aspects for our site. Each photograph is watermarked, partially covering some of the items in the photographs to deter thieves. We’ve also disabled any ability to right click on the site, which while it is a slight inconvenience for folks who like opening things in new windows, gives us added protection against those who would attempt to save our photographs and upload them to other sites without permission. If you would like to use our photographs, please contact us at If it meets with our minimal requirements (mainly giving credit where credit is due), we are happy to share.

We have very few rules here, the most important being about what we said above about our photographs and content. The rest pertain to commenting on the site. Please see our sidebar for further information on both of these under the following sections;

1) “Tell Us What’s On Your Mind”
2) “Please Respect Our Photographs”

Thank you once again for stopping by. We hope our site entices and entertains you enough to come back weekly.


The Toy Box

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